Equality Today collaborates with brave individuals and inspirational groups all across the globe to promote peace, promote justice, and develop international equality. We work relentlessly with several organizations from various nations and continents.

Our purpose is to improve lives and develop sustainable communities across the world, with a special emphasis on women’s participation in education and local initiatives. Read on to discover more about the work we accomplish in different places.


For many years, we have worked across Asia, concentrating on childcare, education, nutrition, poverty rates, children’s rights, and dealing with humanitarian situations. When tragedies hit, we assist families in rebuilding their lives and regaining their optimism.


Millions of people in Africa need immediate aid to deal with the devastation caused by violence, famine, and disease outbreaks. As a result, we’ve worked relentlessly to save lives by giving healthcare, nutrition, and refuge to vulnerable kids in Africa’s many regions.


Humanitarian wars in the Middle East area have uprooted millions of kids and their families and exposed them to unspeakable suffering. In this region, we assist families displaced by violence and advocate for children’s rights to survive, be protected, and study.