To globalize equality and to ensure that your support has the strongest impact on communities throughout the world, Equality Today cooperates with people and groups who are dedicated to not just strengthening societies but also creating positive transitions.

Whether in an emergency or in ongoing initiatives to help people lift themselves out of hardship, we take the following approaches:

  • We run public events and tell stories to educate and inspire Canadians to help other communities.
  • We raise donations to assist our international counterparts.
  • We work with the local community and leaders to discover problems and solutions by listening carefully.
  • We work hard to remove the underlying causes of hardship through programs that improve people’s lives.
  • We foster learning exchanges by connecting activists who are dealing with similar concerns together.
  • We allow people to select projects, invest in them, and take ownership of them.
  • We rely on years of experience to provide organizational help to our colleagues.

Our collaboration with our counterparts is built on a strong belief in the equality of all people.

By constructing innovative and transformational programs that aim to address the root causes of disparities and poverty, Equality Today is able to empower more individuals with resources and skills that help them change their lives for the better.

Internally, our full-time team oversees and administers the projects through consensus-based strategic planning. Despite the fact that everyone has a distinct role, they all have equal responsibilities, equal participation in the planning process, and an equal starting salary.

More importantly, we value openness above everything else. Everyone is included in our community-building processes: you, members of the global community, localities, and us.

Before beginning any project, our team evaluates the area and consults with the surrounding communities. Once the alliance is in place, we will begin planning with the local administration and financing for the project.

Following implementation, we maintain contact with in-country managers and do project monitoring missions many times each year. This is why, by supporting our work, you are investing in the future of individuals all across the world.