Equality Today sees that issues of equality are not only about those marginalized and those privileged but also about women and men in particular.

We know oppression of women can take various forms. They can be connected to hierarchies that are socially or culturally formed. This is why we appreciate the significance of encouraging cooperation, fair processes, and the organization of those with less authority.

In fact, we partner with local groups and individuals, including activists, professionals, and local leaders both men and women. We do this because we feel they bring community knowledge, experience, and trust that is vital to the feminist work we undertake.

As the world grows more accepting of LGBTQI2S+ movements, we ensure that our activities are also trans-inclusive. For this reason, Equality Today collaborates with peers and allies that push for trans people’s freedom to live without fear of persecution, assault, or prejudice.

Ultimately, in the spirit of our aim to expand equality, everyone in our organization shares ownership of the organization, which relies on the ideas of shared responsibility and pay equity, operating by consensus, and cultivating women’s participation.

To learn more about how gender equality influences the way we operate and the outcomes we have accomplished, have a look at our other posts.