Reasons Why Women Are Vaping in Private

During the covid-19 period, most women lost their jobs, were displaced from their homes, and lost their loved ones. It led to desperation and a stressful life. Some young women had to start buying vape juice online to help them deal with the intense pressures. In general, vaping is associated with the teenage group. However, young women adopted it to deal with the stress and anxiety from the pandemic.

In the present day, the demand for e-cigs has increased. Most vapers describe it as a healthier way of having pleasure and controlling anxiety.

Some women find e-cigarettes beneficial as they help them with life pressures. Nevertheless, they still do it secretly for some reason.

Why Women Vape in Private

They don’t want to be seen as premature.

Naturally, e-cigarettes are a way of having fun for the younger generation. So, you will find teenagers in vape shops buying vape pens or getting flavor refills. If a woman finds herself purchasing e-cigs products with a young person, they feel premature. To escape the embarrassment, they will get their tubes filled secretly.

They love to keep their lives private.

When some women lost their jobs, and loved ones were kept in isolation or faced lockdown, they were left depressed. After adopting e-cigarettes to assist them to cope with loneliness, they find themselves doing it secretly. They don’t want to make their habits public.

They feel disappointed in their actions.

The e-cigarette customs are known to be practiced by young people. So, women feel they are involved in a millenary routine. They do not want to be related to e-cigs even though it helped them get their emotions straight. Hence, they vape in bathrooms to avoid sympathy from those around them.

To hide their e-cigarette obsession.

Most women indulged in e-cigs during the pandemic to deal with pressures from motherhood, working from home, or losing their loved ones. Since then, it has led to addiction, and they are obsessed with the feeling it brings once they vape. They vape privately to prevent people from seeing their life obsession.

They think they are too old to use some methods to vape.

Most of the vape methods are for teenage groups. Women feel old and outdated using these methods to enjoy their e-cigarettes. So, they prefer having their e-cigarette in private.

To protect their children.

Kids are always curious about any fun activities from their parents and end up exploring them. However, e-cigarette usage may seem healthy and cool, but it’s not ideal to introduce it to your children. They will try it out at a young age. Therefore, a woman will vape in private to keep the vape customs from their kids.

Vaping is one-way women have adopted to help them deal with pressures in their day-to-day life.

Nevertheless, most think it is not cool to enjoy their e-cig out in public but should vape in private. Some of the reasons above help us understand why they prefer using e-cigarettes secretly.

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