For years, Equality Today has collaborated with bold activists and groups throughout the world to promote peace, justice, and equality.

We believe in a solidarity mindset for our global cooperation. Furthermore, our projects are primarily concerned with key global issues: food independence, gender equality, freedom and democracy, economic equality, well-being, and migrants.

We are committed to empowering people all over the world to take ownership of their own growth and declare their own authority. By assisting our colleagues in their work, we help people face injustice, adopt locally customized solutions, and ignite innovative projects that benefit them.

We are also devoted to engaging people and groups in global movements for equality and justice as well as providing outlets for real action. Ultimately, by supporting Equality Today, you help to change the underlying structures that create inequality, hunger, and oppression.

Our Values and Principles

In our organization, we work in unity as community members from around the world link up for a collective goal. In doing so, we put equality into action as a fundamental component of making the world a better place.

We also encourage involvement because we believe that people and communities must actively contribute to finding solutions to inequity and poverty. More importantly, we promote women’s leadership since women play an essential and sometimes overlooked role in society.

Women Empowerment

In our efforts, we collaborate with women and men who support women’s leadership, financial well-being, healthcare, and independence. We put feminism into practice because we see equality issues as critical parts of our political insight.

 And, we help refugees, displaced individuals, and everyone else who supports them. We assist people who question the governmental structures that cause violence, homelessness, unemployment, and corruption, as well as those who encourage grassroots engagement in peacebuilding initiatives.