The Canadian Government Is Backing a New Initiative in Myanmar

Myanmar’s military dictatorship is committing warfare against its own citizens, whereas the majority of the civil sector is on protest to force the administration out. As a result, civic organization is more vital than ever before in filling gaps and solving rising demands.

Women leaders are at the heart of these efforts, and they require assistance. This massive commitment from the Canadian government is genuinely reassuring at a time when the country deserves the international community’s solidarity more than ever before.

The $25 million initiative will use a feminist approach to improving access to excellent health services, especially those connected to sexual and reproductive wellness and freedoms.

This epidemic has made us all much more conscious of the need to engage in locally controlled health sector with a wellness equality orientation. The collaborators have spent years establishing trust and experience while supporting a diverse community of over 500,000 vulnerable, war-affected individuals.

Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country. Burman is the majority ethnicity, while most other individuals identify as belonging to an ethnic group. Although many ethnic communities and institutions qualify as Indigenous, the word has not yet received popular acceptance in Myanmar.

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